Garden 2013

Seed sowing time

This year should have been the year that I went hog-wild with another “bigger than life”  garden. Last years garden produced #200 lbs. of tomatoes over the sweltering middle Tennessee summer right up until October 2013. To a big time gardener, #200 lbs. may not seem like a lot, but it really did almost kill us. Okay, well I may be exaggerating slightly, but still ;)  The beans we chose last year were Calima Bush Beans (green beans), and they were absolutely delicious. I decided too, that I wanted to try the Chinese noodle beans, and let me tell you, they kept coming and coming. I thought those things would never stop growing!!!  In 2013 I  canned more pickles, dill and bread and butter, than you could shake a stick at. We were overflowing with our own organically grown food and wow, did that feel amazing.  I dried as many beans as I could for seed. At the end of last years harvest I bought a plastic tote with wheels (the kind you slide under the bed) and put every precious seed I had in it. I bagged them carefully by category. Beans, tomatoes, cruciferous, flowers, grains. So when January 2014 rolled around I looked forward to planning the garden but God had other plans for us. He had been speaking to us about moving to Florida. We had connected with an old friend of mine who was now living down there, and slowly, I became connected with all her friends at the same church mostly through Facebook. I was head over heels for people that I had never met, but I knew we needed to live near. So handsome hubs and I started talking about moving to Florida from Tennessee. What would that look like for our little family? We prayed and He answered. Doors opened there and doors closed here. So, we put our homestead up for sale. It still is up for sale as a matter of fact. Almost two acres of soil that hasn’t seen a pesticide in the 10 years we’ve owned it. Peach trees and a pond out back and pear trees by the driveway. Wood stoves and well water. A true homesteaders paradise twenty minutes from Nashville Tennessee. But our time is drawing to a close here, and thats okay. We have decided that “following Jesus” has to look like something, and Florida is that answer for us, right now, in this “season”.  He has plans for us that we cannot wait for and we are His clay. He is our Potter. I did some research and found out there is just about a never ending growing season in Florida, so that made me very happy. I managed to start 4 flats of seeds and my plan is to take them with us, build some 4×8′s at our new home there, and grow our own food, even if its just a handful of different plants and not a ginormous garden like I was hoping for this year. And I will get to homestead,  in Florida, after all.